When do scorpions come out of hiding?

Scorpions are nocturnal hunters so they only come out during the cooler hours of the night. Scorpions generally don't go out of their way to search for food because they do not like to waste energy. Instead, they wait for their food to come to them. The tiny hairs on the scorpion's legs can detect vibrations in the sand, so they know when their prey is near.These vibrations tell the scorpion where the insect is located and exactly when to attack.

images-5.jpegscorpion4.jpegscorp-roach2.jpgScorpions hunting at night
How do scorpions defend themselves?
The scorpion's tail is its deadliest and most powerful weapon. It can kill an insect in seconds. The scorpion is not aggressive unless it feels threatened.

What makes scorpions different from other arachnids?
Instead of laying eggs, scorpions develop their young inside and give live birth, much like humans. After birth, the baby scorpions (scorplings) stay on the mother's back for nourishment and protection until they shed their skin. Then they are ready to be independent.

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