How do tarantulas defend themselves?

Though tarantulas look scary, they are not very brave. When a tarantula is scared, it will run and hide. If it cannot find a place to hide, it will stand on its hind legs to appear bigger. Tarantulas pound the ground with their front legs as a warning, and also throw urticating hairs (sharp leg hair) at the enemy. If this fails, a tarantula will attack the .


Can tarantulas see?

Tarantulas are nocturnal creatures, so they hunt for prey at night. They are nearly blind,touch to navigate their surroundings. If you happen to see a tarantula walking around during the day, it is usually a male looking for a mate. To find a female, the male taps the ground with his legs and waits for a response.

In this photo, the female is on the left, and the male on the right.

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